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- Keep Each Other Safe -

Guardians App is a mobileapp, which aims to be the best safety-app for personal use on the market. Guardians enhances the safety of the user, by offering different features that can alert your network and anyone else nearby, in case of an emergency. On this page you can read more about what Guardians App can do, and how you can benefit from this.

About Guardians App

Guardians aims to hit the most vulnerable thing for all people – their own and personal safety. Guardians is a Danish owned and Danish developed app for both Android and iPhone. It creates a platform where users can request help from each other in various situations. Instead of a traditional alarm function, which will send an alarm to emergency-services, the alarm in Guardians will go to the nearest persons which you have chosen in your Guardians network. Other than that, it will also alert the 10 nearest people located by your smartphones GPS system.

In this way, the user is always certain that the nearest people and your own network, will be notified about your need for help. Your safety, whether it is a normal day, at night or when you need to follow your kids home, is always near you in the form of your smartphone. Guardians works over Edge, 2G, 3G, 4G and all other data-networks, which means you are always able to send out an alarm from your phone, only by the touch of a button.

Furthermore, Guardians gives you the ability to create online groups with chat functions – fx for use in your local community and neighborhood. In this way you can always let people now in a specific group, if there is a burglar on the loose.

Guardians let the user configure which types of alarms you want to receive and from who. In this way you can choose to be an active part of the Guardians total community, or just choose specific groups and/or persons you want to help.

Why Guardians App

Robbery, theft and burglary are all increasing problems in today’s society. We have all, our selves or through the media, had bad experiences with these. Guardians gives the user the ability, in an easy and safe way, to alert the nearest people, and own network, just by a touch on your smartphone.

We see more and more people disappearing – children running of on their way home, along with all kinds of violent crimes. In these cases Guardians can help you. It increases the feeling of security for the user, and makes sure that help is always nearby. Guardians has specifically incorporated different types of emergency-alarms that are customized to work in any emergency situation.

We all experience a longer response time from local police and other. Guardians is a modern alternative that gives you the ability to help others, just by using your everyday tool – your smartphone.

Guardians Features

Increase your security and help others in need.


- Guardians automatically alerts your network

- Guardians automatically alerts the 10 nearest users from your GPS location

- Guardians will ask you to turn off the alarm after 20 minutes, if the alarm is not stopped manually. To stop the alarm, you will need a code.

- If the alarm is turned off, all notified people will automatically know


- Create a network in your local neighborhood

- Alarm your friends and neighbors directly from the app

- Chat with your friends and neighbors

- In case of an alarm, your GPS location will be sent


- The GPS gives the ability to active the ”Follow-Me-Home” feature

- Chosen users will then be able to see your location in real-time

- If you go off your planned route, an alarm/notification will be sent

- You can insert ”Preferred routes” such as ”Home, mom” or ”Home, dad”

- Ability to live-chat

- The person using the function can always sent out an alarm


- If you end up in an uncomfortable situation, you can hold down your finger on the alarm-button in the Guardians App.

- If you let go without entering your code in 5 seconds, a Radius-alarm will be sent

- The alarm will be sent to your network and the 10 nearest users to your location

Use of app

- Keep each other safe -

Ved at downloade GuardiansMobileApp tilslutter dig nogle fœlles vœrdier, som Guardians fœllesskabet bygger på. Du trœffer et valg om, at ville tage del i en fœlles mission om ønsket på en tryg tilvœrelse for alle. Du tilslutter dig en villighed til at hjœlpe, hvis der er brug for hjœlp. Som Guardian overholder du til enhver tid gœldende lov, og er en hjœlpende faktor, i forbindelse med en hœndelse der krœver din respons.

Det betyder, at du som Guardian, altid har den prœventive effekt som første prioritet. Som Guardian ønsker du ikke at opildne situationer, men søger at neddrosle enhver mulig konflikt. Du ser ikke problemer for dig, men udfordringer du kan vœre en del af løsningen på. Du tager fœllesskabet alvorligt, og ved at du, og alle andre Guardians, er til for at hjœlpe hinanden og andre.

Som Guardian tyer du aldrig til selvtœgt. Du holder dig altid på sikker afstand hvis du tilkaldes til en hœndelse, og din fornemmeste rolle er at observere. Som Guardian får du mulighed for hurtigt at respondere på en hœndelse der finder sted nœr dig - og den hurtige respons giver en unik mulighed for at lave observationer, som kan komme til gavn på et senere tidspunkt.

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About us

Guardians is a danish owned and danish developed app. Guardians ApS is the company supporting the development of the Guardians App. The people at Guardians ApS has a common and personal relation, which generates a great commitment in the entire team. It is our first priority to develop and improve Guardians from our own experiences, combined with inputs from the users.

Guardians is aiming to be the #1 app in personal safety.

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- Keep Each Other Safe -

- It will increase your safety and security no matter where you are, and no matter what kind of unexpected situation you are in. If you end up in an emergency situation, any second can be crucial and the fastest way to get help, is through getting in touch with people nearby you.

- This kind of alarm service is not a traditional solution to feeling safe in your home, yet it can be brought with you no matter where you go thanks to technology.


Guardians Aps
Grønnegade 2, 1 tv.
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